Lightning and CSST

Your Safety: Lightning and CSST

We all know that lightning can be a dangerous element.  But, couple lightning with an improperly grounded gas heating system and it can be prove disastrous.  Nearby lightning strikes can result in a power surge that can damage certain gas tubing systems and ultimately cause a fire. Nearby lightning strikes that do not strike a structure directly can still cause electrically-conductive systems in the structure to become energized.

Unlike other conventional gas systems, Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing, or CSST, significantly reduces this risk of damage and fire from a lightning strike.  To lessen the danger of lighting and CSST becoming an issue, a licensed electrician should inspect to make sure proper grounding and bonding are in place.  CSST should be carefully inspected by a licensed electrician to ensure it is separated from conductive systems including: metallic chimney liners, metallic appliance vents, metallic ducting and piping, and electrical cables.

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