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Let's Get Your Electrical Problems Solved

Having an electrical issue in your home can be a serious matter, and many times people do not realize that they even have an issue before it becomes too late. Whether you have an existing or potential problem, it may be time to have a certified electrician come to take a look. Our experienced electricians are friendly, qualified, and ready to get the job done. In the city of Rockwall, we take pride in offering the best electrical work. We highly recommend reaching out to Rockwall Electric today and schedule your service request. Our customer service is as high quality as our licensed electricians!


In need of a dependable electrician in Rockwall, TX?


Rockwall Electric is your go-to electrical service contractor in North Texas. We specialize in both residential and commercial work (circuit breaker repair, general wiring, surge protection). So, you can easily come to us for all your electrical needs at home and in the workplace. 


Hire a professional electrician from our locally owned and operated business, which has been in business since 1994. Licensed and insured, we are ready with a wide range of quality electrical services that give you peace of mind.


We’ve Got All Your Electrical Needs Covered


With over two decades of experience in electrical services, we readily provide all your residential and commercial electrical needs. Our team of electricians is quick and efficient when it comes to the following services:


  • Troubleshooting

  • Surge protection​

  • Electrical panels

  • LED energy saving

  • Electrical Lighting

  • Grounding & Bonding


We address all your electrical concerns with efficient and cost-effective services — no hidden fees! Our local electricians are highly recommended and will give you the best electric installation. 

We Get the Job Done Right

When you are in need of Rockwall electricians, look no further than Rockwall Electric. We can also do our best to offer local Rockwall area recommendations for other residential services. Home services you may want or need like a custom pool builder, plumber, AC repair, roofer, landscaper, and much more!

Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians get the job done right, every time! Furthermore, we leave your property in the same or a better condition than we found it. As a result, our services give you a sense of safety, security, and reliability.

Call us, today, for high-quality electrical repair and troubleshooting services.

We Service Rockwall, TX and Surrounding Cities

Generac Generators

At Rockwall Electric, we understand the needs of our customers. We're proud to offer Generac generator installation and maintenance services to both residential and commercial clients. We know that you need a reliable source of backup power to keep your family safe and comfortable when the power goes out.

Power When You Need It Most

Who is Rockwall Electric?
We understand family & safety.
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Also known as home electricians, residential electricians are the tradespeople who repair and install various electrical systems at home. This job could include lighting, HVAC, and even home security systems.


The job isn't for everyone, though; for example, becoming a residential electrician in Rockwall TX involves specific licensing requirements. At Rockwall Electric, all of our technicians meet education and licensing specifications, so you can count on us to get the job done right.


Residential Electrician Job Description


Electricians are skilled, licensed professionals who work in customers' homes. They inspect, install, repair, and maintain critical electrical systems throughout the house. Depending on the technician's experience, she might also lead entire teams and diagram projects.


Typical duties include:

  • Interpreting blueprints and technical drawings

  • Installing new wiring and lighting

  • Inspecting components to ensure safety and correct installation

  • Maintaining home electrical systems

  • Replacing broken parts

  • Diagnosing critical problems in the home

  • Fully understanding local and federal regulations for safe electrical systems



Beyond the role itself, we classify electricians by their training and experience:

  1. Apprentice: These technicians train under an experienced professional's supervision for 2 years before taking an exam to advance to the next tier.

  2. Wireman: Once a wireman, you will have a residential license only and will spend another 2 years in the field. After this time you can take the next exam to advance forward. 

  3. Journeyman: After completing your exam as a wireman technician you are approved as competent in your trade, officially becoming a journeyman electrician.

  4. Master: Journeymen who gain minimum 2 years of experience and, throughout, demonstrate high competence have the opportunity to take the final exam becoming master electricians.

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Rockwall Electric Van - Electricians Richardson TX

A commercial electrician is someone who knows how to replace and repair electrical systems, circuits, and wiring in commercial buildings. Rockwall Electric provides these services to businesses in Rockwall and surrounding areas. If you need information about the characteristics and qualities of a commercial electrician in Rockwall TX, you'll find great details in this blog post. Hire an electrician with experience from Rockwall Electric. Our electrician will perform the work to the highest standards, guaranteed.


We Tackle Common Electrical Jobs


Our jobs require precision and accuracy. During the planning phase, we may create diagrams for different systems; the diagram details helps us resolve conduit problems according to local electrical codes. If a general contractor hires us, we'll discuss to design blueprints for a new electrical layout. In some cases, a contractor may already have plans; during these situations, we'll begin implementing service procedures while working from the blueprints.


We also tackle difficult jobs that require more work. As electricians, we run lengthy heavy-duty electrical wiring and install industrial-grade conduits. Typically, use long wires around circuit break panels, switches, and relays.


If something in your building needs power, an electrician can help. General wiring is a crucial part of our service as we wire instruments for a variety of devices that distribute power. We connect power lines to


  • Lighting fixtures

  • Heating units

  • Refrigerators

  • Air conditioners

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We Would Love To Service You, Schedule Today!

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