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Rockwall Electric is located just west of Highway 30. We have served the local area since 1994, as your trusted electrician in Garland, TX. Our customers enjoy the honest treatment and timely electrical repair services led by master electrician, Chris Pollard.


Our team of Garland electricians are ready to serve you. Every crew member is background checked and has multiple years of experience. We focus on the quality of work and customer experience.


With a thorough inspection, we address proper electrical concerns at your home or in your workplace. Our knowledge of various electrical systems allows us to evaluate the situation and troubleshoot the problem and because of our credentials and expertise. We are able to highly recommend a solution to the problem or problems at hand.


Rockwall Electric provides various electrical services in Garland. Contact us for lighting and ceiling fan installation, hot tub concerns, upgrading or replacing your breaker box, meter base upgrades, and smoke detector repair. Our team is guaranteed to do a great job! So, when you need an electrical contractor, look our way.

We Operate with Your Safety in Mind


Many repair companies focus on the profit they earn from local electrical services. When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about that. Our team operates with your safety in mind — everything else just follows.


Come to us for all your residential and commercial electrical needs. We put safety, security, and reliability above everything else. As such, we utilize over two decades of knowledge and experience to deliver services that you can be confident about (service upgrades, lighting installation).


We Tackle All Your Electrical Needs


Some customers' homes or businesses require simple troubleshooting and maintenance. Other customers' electrical situations could be far more dangerous. Some may be simple assistance with incorrect wiring assemblies and faulty electrical outlets. Whatever the case may be, we provide services that effectively address the electrical issues in your residential or commercial property:



Our licensed electricians in Garland, Texas don’t settle for a “quick fix.” We address the root of the problem to provide superior workmanship.  You can very well see this by our extensive list of 5-star reviews, both on Google as well as Facebook.  We make it a point to treat each and every customer the same, and with remarkable service. Safety and electrical wiring are how we serve you, therefore every job must meet safety codes and follow our own personal safety checklist.


Your Garland, TX Electrician Is On The Way


Electrical troubleshooting and home improvements are delicate matters. When not handled properly, these endeavors may lead to physical injuries or property damage. So, leave those tasks to professionals. Specifically, get in touch with Rockwall Electric for safe and dependable electrical services.


Call us, today, if you are in need of a reliable, licensed Garland electrician company. Our warm and friendly representative will look into your concerns and, once we’ve scheduled an appointment, we’ll be on our way to you.


Does Your Home Need Electrical Rewiring?

Electrical wiring is one of the most crucial parts of a home. Over the last 100 years, electrical wiring has been reinvented several times to make it safer for you and your family. With some home builders cutting corners by installing lower cost wiring, or owning a home with out-of-date wiring, your home could be pushing more electricity through its wires than it was meant to. At the root of many house fires, bad electrical wiring is to blame. Here at Rockwall Electric, we pride ourselves on keeping your family safe. Be sure to check your home for warning signs on when to rewire your home:

  • Cloth or Aluminum Wiring - This wiring was used in 1940's-1970's. It is highly flammable when it deteriorates.

  • Circuit Breakers - Does your circuit breaker trip often? If so, it may be time to consider new wiring.

  • Buzzing, Vibrations or Shocking - Be weary of your electric buzzing, vibrating or shocking you when turning on appliances.

  • Dimming or Flickering Lights - These are both signs that you are overdue for a rewiring.

  • Electrical Outlets - Are your electrical outlets falling apart or loose in the wall?

  • House Age - Houses built before the 1980's may need to be rewired due to out-of-code wiring that is no longer considered safe.

  • Smells - If you smell burning or charring coming from your electrical supply or any nearby lights or outlets, immediately turn your breakers off and check for any fire suspicions.


If you see any of these signs in your home, or something unusual, call Rockwall Electric today. We could save your home from disaster or worse a loss of life.

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Electrical Lighting Design In Garland

Rockwall Electric provides its customers with immersive lighting designs. From installing custom lighting to maintaining, rewiring, installing fixtures, and more. Working with customers to achieve what they desire has never been a problem. Installing and repairing electrical lighting provides you with a sense of security and well being. Whether you are aiming to make your home brighter or searching for the perfect ambient lighting, Rockwall is keeping you and your family in the light.

Installing New Lighting?


We provide lighting to buildings, parking lots, garages, stairs, and so much more. Building that theater room you have always wanted? We can help! Electricity can be difficult, and doing it the right way is what we do. Safety is our company's policy, whether you're looking to keep up with code, seeking custom lighting, or needing a more efficient breaker box installed.


Energy efficiency has its perks! No one wants a high electric bill and were here to tell you, you don't have to. With LED technology, lights have changed dramatically. With that change comes better electricity savings. Energy efficient lighting comes in all colors, with color changing LED's ranking as a popular choice when choosing which lighting best suits your needs.

Garland Electrician

We love to serve the community of Garland, TX. We are not a franchise or a large corporate electrician. We deliver the local service that your family and business deserve. This city is full of life. According to Wikipedia, the population in 2018 is estimated to be 242,507. Garland is the 12th-most populous city in the state of Texas. We deliver safe and reliable electrical services to local homeowners and businesses. Schedule service today and let us help you solve all your electrical problems!

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